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Carbide Impregnation

Benefits and Uses of Carbide Impregnation

  • Gives increased grip to outside of a collet
  • Provides surfaces with increased surface hardness and resistance to wear
  • Useful on cutting edges of tools to provide longer life of a tool
  • Thickness is controllable from .0005 thru .005 inches per side of material
  • Process is cold therefore there is no distortion to the piece
  • Increases tool life over 1000%

Competitive Advantages & Strengths

  • Long term ownership (33 years)
  • (3) graduate engineers: Multiple employees with each having 25+ years dedication to Skill-Craft
  • Knowledgeable with both Skill-Craft and non Skill-Craft workholding products:Continuous improvement achieved by transferring this knowledge to own custom designs
  • Repair both Skill-Craft and non Skill-Craft chucks to achieve like new accuracy
  • Excel in back engineering when no prints are available
  • High Powered Expertise/Low Cost Business Structure
  • Latest Automated Design and Manufacturing Technology (CAD, FEA, CAM, CNC)
  • Precision/stability/repeatability (20-50 millionths) at high speeds>5000 RPM’s
  • Collets manufactured to a tolerance of .0001 inch
  • World class reliability and maintainability
  • AAA credit rating