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Collets, Top Jaws & Locators

Collets, Top Jaws & Locators

Well known in the machine tool industry, workholding fixtures are one of the most perishable items. Workholding collets, chuck jaws, and other perishable tooling components is what Skill-Craft is all about. SC manufactures high quality, close tolerance replacement tooling for all brand name workholding fixtures.

All major brand producers of workholding equipment supply replacement components for their tooling; however, it is not always convenient for them to do so on a timely, cost conscious basis. SC is dedicated to meeting the needs of those manufacturers who require quality tooling that is competitively priced and delivered in a timely fashion.

Skill Craft was founded on solely producing workholding replacement parts. With our unwavering dedication to specialization, the customer is the ultimate recipient. You will find SC does it better: better quality, better price, better delivery. When comparing finished products with OEM duplicates, many customers think SC parts look better as well.

Collets allow for the highest level of concentricity and repeatability.

Collets come pre-loaded in order to ensure proper release after machining is complete.


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Tolerances guaranteed to be within OEM specs or better.

Custom Collets, Top Jaws & Locator Examples & Information

Bubble Collet

  • Ideal for chucking O.D. of part in two places
  • Split from one end and allows for chucking in two places simultaneously

Single Tapered Collet

  • Ideal for chucking on O.D. or I.D. of part
  • Allows for chucking on narrower chucking lands
  • Does not accommodate tapered chucking surfaces
  • Split from one end or split from both ends
  • Part does not have to be inside entire chucking land
  • Threaded on one end to attach to piston or draw bar

Double Tapered Collet

  • Ideal for chucking O.D. or I.D. of part in two places
  • Allows for chucking on tapered parts or where the bore is not perfectly straight
  • Split from each end allowing for opposite sides to be independent of each other
  • Extra rigidity by chucking on two locations of a part

Custom Wheel Chuck

This chuck was designed to balance various sized wheels. We had to have .4 inches per side travel along with a chuck to hold 3 different sizes

Spline Locator

  • Spline locators help orientate part and allow for no slipping while part is being held
  • Helps centralize part prior to chucking

Flatted Collet

  • Chucks on I.D. of a part
  • Ensures highest gripping force with precision ground flats
  • Collets are pre-loaded to eliminate “sticking” of the collet

Spline Collet

  • Used for turning, grinding, inspection
  • Chuck on the major diameter, minor diameter or pitch diameter
  • Precision ground tapers concentric within .0001 to the major, minor or pitch diameters
  • Useful in gear manufacturing or gear testing equipment

Split-Collet - Segmented Collets

  • ¬†Allows for extreme load conditions
  • Very high load rooms capable – .125 or more
  • Collets can be made at very high Rockwell making collet last longer
  • If retaining ring breaks, real easy fix by ordering a new one

Square Collets

  • Can be incorporated into I.D. of collet to chuck on a square part
  • Easily configurable to any shape part

Hex Collets

  • Can be incorporated into I.D. of collet to chuck on a hexagon part
  • Easily configurable to any shape part
  • .0002 or better

Step Collets

Chucking on the O.D. of a part

  • Allows chucking on extreme diameters without making body large
  • Allows for chucking a larger piece using a small chuck or spindle
  • TIR .0002 or better

Chucking on the I.D. of a part

  • Has multiple “steps” in the collet to chuck various sizes of parts
    using same collet
  • Cannot chuck (2) diameters at same time
  • No collet change; collet can accommodate multiple parts
  • TIR .0002 or better

Mandrel Collets

  • O.D. of collet ground precisely to part size in order to assure
    process accuracy
  • Collets range from 0.500 – 4.467
  • Precision ground inclined flats on collet taper
  • Flats ensure highest possible chucking pressure
  • High grade steel for long lasting durability
  • Interchangeable with flatted arbor assemblies in industry
  • Silicon sealing of slots available upon request
  • Orientation of collet on arbor does not affect accuracy of assembly
  • Multiple O.D. configurations available to hold the most unique