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Flat-Lok Expanding Mandrel Collets: Short Series

Short Series Flat-Lok Expanding Collets
Short Series Flat-Lok Expanding Collets
  • O.D. of collet ground precisely to part size in order to assure process accuracy
  • Precision ground inclined flats on collet taper
  • Flats ensure highest possible chucking pressure
  • High grade steel for long lasting durability
  • Interchangeable with flatted arbor assemblies in industry
  • Silicon sealing of slots available upon request
  • Orientation of collet on arbor does not affect accuracy of assembly
  • Multiple O.D. configurations available to hold the most unique applications
Item # Collet O.D. Length
SC-7100 .500-.655 .59
SC-7200 .593-.797 .72
SC-7300 .718-1.000 .84
SC-7400 .875-1.299 .94
SC-7500 1.125-1.624 1.125
SC-7600 1.468-2.104 1.220
SC-7700 1.937-2.821 1.310
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